Andrus Gardens & More : Stained Glass and Ferns Art Quilt
"Stained Glass and Ferns Art Quilt"
34 1/4"x44 - ©2007/03 - 1750.00
This quilt began quite differently than other quilts. I started with the border, then moved to piecing the interior. I had been playing with stained glass looking pieces, and decide to try one bordered with what looked like stained glass. The center panel is a large sunprint of ferns along with flowers and a couple butterflies over a rainbow of color. It has a stained glass looking border, similar to the outer one. The rest of the quilt consists of many sunprints of different varieties of ferns and lacy foliage. Quilting is done in clear thread to highlight the sunprints, and a pastel variegated thread in the accenting crazy patch areas. Awards: Honorable Mention at the Syracuse Art Festival July 2007; Finalist in the quilt competition "A World of Beauty" International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX. November, 2007; Honorable Mention at Machine Quilter's Exposition, Manchester, NH April 2008; Honorable Mention - Images 2008, Lowell Quilt Festival, Lowell, MA. This quilt is currently traveling with the IQF "In Full Bloom" Exhibit and will be available after September 2011

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