Andrus Gardens & More : September Journal Quilt 2003
"September Journal Quilt 2003"
8 1/2"x11" - ©2003/09 -
"September Seasons" So much for painting or printing in September. I had an idea for a larger quilt to enter in a competition with a four season's theme. This month, I decided to try it out in miniature to see if it might work. The scene through the window shows winter on the left, and summer on the right. Pearlescent paint was used for the snow on the bench and tree branches, (so I did do some painting). The sky, snow, grass, flowers, and tree leaves were crazy pieced with scraps of various fabrics. Dye pens and colored pencils were used for the winter branches and tree bark texture. This year's journal project really helped me keep some sanity during a very trying time in my life. It helped pull me out of the daily grind to explore new ideas.

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