Andrus Gardens & More : Scattered Flowers and Foliage 1 Art Quilt
"Scattered Flowers and Foliage 1 Art Quilt"
26 1/2"x34 - ©2007/01 - 695.00 -

This Art Quilt is another using many of my sunprints. Assorted sunprints of flowers, foliages, a humingbird and dragonflies, over fabric painted in soft blues and greens, are accented with pieces of crazy patch. This is another "sandwich quilt" that was constructed by fusing fabric to front and back of batting before cutting out the pieces, and satin stitching them together. The quilt is bordered with a soft sagy green painted and saalted border. The sunprints are accented with fre motion quilting with clear thread, while the surrounding areas are done in ivory thread, and the border is quilted with a variegated thread in various shades of green. The edges are bound with a soft green yarn couched on.
Reproductions and note cards are availible.

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