Andrus Gardens & More : Scattered Fall Maples 1
"Scattered Fall Maples 1"
13"x17" - ©2006/10 - 95.00 -

This Quilt was made in response to a challenge from the "Fast Friday Fabric Challenge" internet group. The challenge theme was fall, and the piece was to have something 3-dimensional on it. I had challenged myself earlier this fall to use bright fall colors for some sunprinted fabrics (You don't see much orange or red in my work). I started with an assortment of maple leaf sunprints in various colors, from fall oranges to my usual blues, greens, and rose. These were fused to batting, and I made other pieces of ivory fused crazy patch. The pieces were satin stitched together, then gold metallic quilting was used to accent the wax pastel rubbed veins in the leaves. For the 3-D part, I used "silk" leaves, that I removed the plastic from, and quilted the veins with the gold thread to attach them. While making this quilt, I envisioned it hanging as shown, but while it was laying on a table, I realized it could hag any direction, so designed the back so that it can hang with any side up.

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