Andrus Gardens & More : May Journal Quilt 2003
"May Journal Quilt 2003"
81/2"x11" - ©2003/05 -
"May Geraniums" May means geraniums in our greenhouses, around 30,000 of them! I took flowers from the different colors of geraniums that we grow, except the red ones (can anyone tell that red is not a favored color of mine?) I started by carefully placing florets on the scanner to scan, but noticed the pile I was making as I took them off and decided to see what would happen if I just tossed them all together and scanned the pile. The resulting scan was printed onto fabric. I then leaf printed scented geranium leaves using gold metallic paint. Finally decided to use the names of the geranium varieties for the quilting with variegated thread. Geraniums on top of geraniums on top of geraniums.

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