Andrus Gardens & More : June Journal Quilt 2003
"June Journal Quilt 2003"
8 1/2"x11" - ©2003/06 -
"June Garden" After an unusually crazy May at the greenhouses (husband in and out of the hospital, and employees who did not think they needed to show up for work), and no time to quilt, I really needed some time away from the greenhouse. I did not get much time away, but was able to do some painting while demonstrating at an art show (a little tricky to get paint to dry on a rainy day under a tent). I painted an impression of a June garden of delphiniums and other flowers. The painted scene was a little dull, and the flowers needed a little brightening up, so I used rayon threads to give delphiniums more definition, and fill in the other spaces with quilting.
Reproductions and note cards are availible.

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