Andrus Gardens & More : July Journal Quilt 2003
"July Journal Quilt 2003"
8 1/2"x11" - ©2003/07 -
"July Iris" Our yard was the location for our son's wedding reception this month, so still not much quilting time yet (I did get away from the greenhouse to work on my flower beds at home). The background fabric in this quilt was another piece of fabric painted during an art show demonstration. Sea salt placed where the colors met while the paint was still wet, pulled the colors in different directions.. I wanted the Iris to be simple, so that the painted fabric was not overpowered. The background was machine quilted with clear thread. This begins my attempts to increase the amount of quilting I use and to come up with projects to practice it more. This quilt began my "Botanical Prints" collection of mini quilts for framing.
Reproductions and note cards are availible.

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