Andrus Gardens & More : Iris Vases
"Iris Vases"
52"x32"pr - ©2002/10 - Available 2008
A diptych of two windows with vases of fused applique irises on the windowsills. Background seen through the windows is a piece of hand painted fabric that I did just to see what would happen when I overlapped my 3 favorite colors for painting- green, blue, and rose. As my window pieces were evolving, I thought that the fabric could resemble what could be seen out a window- the landscape and sky. The fabric was cut apart and the window frame was pieces in. The Irises and vases are cut out different fabrics, then arranged before fusing them onto the Window frame backgrounds, then free motion machine quilted to accent the flower arrangements and very simply in the background. They were made to be displayed as a pair, but would stand alone equally well. They are priced for the pair. This pair will be traveling with the "In Full Bloom" exhibition of quilts that will be displayed at the IQA shows in Houston, TX, and Chicago, IL, and possibly more venues.
Reproductions and note cards are availible.

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