Andrus Gardens & More : August 2006 Journal Quilt
"August 2006 Journal Quilt"
8 1/2"x11" - ©2006/08 -
This quilt is another "guinea ping". As part of an "ugly fabric" round robin type challenge, the purple in the lantern is the "ugly" I received to start a quilt with. The fabric was covered with shoes in all colors, so I decided to use it in as small pieces as I could, since the sender considers it ugly. I saw a pattern in a magazine for the lantern, and decided to try. Not liking to piece small stuff, I cut and fused the fabrics for the lantern to the black. I played with stitches on my machine with the gold thread to cover the raw edges, and then fused the butterflies cut out from another fabric, which are quilted with more gold metallic. The metallic fabric in the lowest part is scrunched, pressed, and stitched down. I then played with some of my new crystals in many colors to add sparkle.

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