Andrus Gardens & More : 2006 May Journal Quilt
"2006 May Journal Quilt"
8 1/2"x11" - ©2006/05 -
May is another quilt not displayed at Houston. I wanted to use this one, but my husband thought he liked the Yo-Yo better. This came as a result of another "what happens if......" thing. I fused a sunprint of flowers and leaves to batting, and fused a piece of ivory fabric to another piece of batting (both were also backed). Starting with these 2 quilt sandwiches, I stacked one on top of the other, then used my rotary cuttrer to cut the pieces into wavy strips. I then satin stitched the strips togehter, alternating strips from each piece. This resulted in 2 pieces similar to each other. I stacked the 2 again, and cut across the first strips, and stitched things back together again, and this is what I ended up with. There is another one that contains the missing parts of the puzzle. Was kind of fun. I only wish I had used different fabrics on the backs- I then would have had something that was reversible.

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